Please support the Davistown Museum’s ongoing environmental chemical biomonitoring efforts. Vol. 4 of the Phenomenology of Biocatastrophe publication series will consist of additional updates about the biogeochemical cycling of the most important environmental chemicals, many of which are already described or documented in Volumes 1 through 3 of the Bio-C publication series. Vol. 4 will also contain additional information about newly emerging nanotoxins, viral infections, and other ecotoxins in pathways to human absorption, ingestion, bioaccumulation, and biomagnification. Four general areas of interest will be the focus of the biomonitoring updates in Vol. 4 pertaining to the accelerating proliferation of environmental chemicals in the biosphere:

Vol. 4 will also contain updates on subjects ranging from Chernobyl-derived radioactivity in European wild pigs (boars) to newly emerging bacterial and viral infections.
You can support the biomonitoring efforts of Engine Co. No. 9 and the Davistown Museum:

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