Won’t you consider becoming a member of Engine Co. No. 9 (Radscan-Chemfall) to help us compile additional information about environmental chemicals in pathways to human consumption? New members of Engine Co. No. 9 can be located anywhere in our round world biosphere in crisis. All you need is flat world technology links to our web site and a willingness to review the data we have already cited in the previous 3 volumes. Given the accelerating world water crisis, the accelerating contamination of human blood, tissues, and the breast milk and maternal cord blood of the women of all nations is the most important environmental crisis faced by humanity. The prospect of cataclysmic climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming constitutes one component of the world water crisis. As with the Gulf oil spill, the highly visible effects of cataclysmic climate change divert public attention from the dire consequences of the contamination of the atmospheric water cycle with anthropogenic ecotoxins.  Please consider joining Engine Co. No. 9 as a contributing environmental information coordinator. Additional information about the ongoing bioaccumulation of environmental chemicals would be greatly welcomed, as would new information about emerging nanotoxins and other environmental hazards. Even if you have no new information to contribute, would you kindly email us your contact information as an interested member of Engine Co. No. 9. All new members are also urged to circulate the information we have already collected as a result of the four decades of research of Engine Co. No. 9 (aka: CBM - Center for Biological Monitoring; also Radscan, Nuclear Information on the Internet). Please visit the online archives of CBM and Radscan; also note our previous publications on anthropogenic radioactivity.
If you would like to join Engine Co. No. 9, please send whatever information about yourself that you care to provide, including name, email address, mailing address, telephone number, current occupation, and issues of interest pertaining to biomonitoring for environmental chemicals, to: captaintinkham@gmail.com.

Your suggestions, web site corrections, additional information, new links, new data sources, and other contributions would be greatly appreciated.